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$25 Quilt Project 2018

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Fantastic monthly project that runs for nine months. You will make nine gorgeous blocks and only pay $25 - total! Yes, that's right, no typo here.

Okay, how it works - you pay your $25 to sign up. Then in the week of June 4th - 9th you come into the shop and pick up your first block - pattern and fabric. During the month you make the block and then in the first week of July you bring your completed block back into the shop to show me. I say "well done, looks great" and give you the next block - pattern and fabric - at no charge!

Some time during the next month you make that block and come back the first week in August and repeat the same process for nine months.

Over nine months you make nine 12" blocks for only $25-00 - in total. There are different blocks each month and suitable for all levels of patchwork experience.

You have three colour ways to choose from

1. French General with cream background - beautiful rich reds and creams

2. Civil War & Reproduction with cream background - rich reds, greens, blues and more

3. Fresh and White background - more modern with a touch of Tilda, spots, floral and brighter prints.

There are a couple of rules -of course.

You have to make the block and bring it in yourself each month.
You can only bring in your block (not a groups).

This year we are also offering the option of a change in background fabric. With your monthly block you will get Quilting Quilter Muslin but you also have the choice of a different background. When you book in we will show you what the options are or you can choose any fabric in the shop. This will be an additional cost of $55-00 for the two metres we have estimated you will need.


We have always run this just for local ladies as you have to bring your block into the shop each month so being local works. This time we have added an option for anyone outside our area so you can join the fun too.

If you live outside Hawkes Bay or can't make it into the shop, you can join us and your payment will be $45 and this includes the postage for nine months. You would make your block and email or text me a picture of your gorgeous block in the third week of each month. We then mail out the next block - pattern and fabric to you at no charge.

We make up our blocks into three different quilts at the end of the project and there is the option to buy the finishing kit if you choose.

If you are joining us long distance then you will be committing to buying a finishing kit at the end of the nine months as well. You will have a choice of three layouts and fabric options.

Hope this makes sense and join us for the fun. All you have to do is choose the colour way you want and sign up soon, places limited.

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